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The lists of projects in this section are based on the book published by Ministry of National Development Planning titled "Public Private Partnership - Infrastructure Projects Plan in Indonesia" for the period of 2015-2019. The projects under Public Private Partnership (PPP) scheme are categorized based on their readiness level, which are a) ready-to-offer projects; b) potential projects; and c) prospective projects. President Joko Widodo administration continues to evaluate and strengthen the policy in order to support acceleration and improvement of the PPP process. Click here to read the complete PPP book (2015-2019) and here for the PPP book of the year 2018. 





Tourism has experienced sustainable expansion and diversification, and become of the largest and fastest economic growing sectors in the world. President Jokowi has set tourism into one of the priority sectors other than food sector, maritime, energy and industry. Indonesia tourism contributed 10% to the national GDP, the highest nominal in ASEAN. Indonesian tourism is ranked 4th nationwide foreign exchange earner and a contributor to 9.8 million jobs. In job creation, the tourism sector grew by 30% within five years. Projects listed below are based on the 10 priority tourism destinations set by President Joko Widodo. Learn more about tourism in Indonesia here.


1. Bangka Belitung

2. Banten

3. Central Java

4. DKI Jakarta

5. East Java

6. East Nusa Tenggara

7. North Maluku

8. North Sumatra

9. Southeast Sulawesi

10. West Nusa Tenggara


Healthcare investors are poised to benefit from many aspects, including a robust economic development which in turn leads to a higher consumer spending, a lax and highly incentivized government regulations, as well as the demographic aspect of Indonesia which in turn will translate to a higher top line growth.


For further information on the projects, please contact the relevant provincial government. Click here for the list of provincial government contact.

These projects were also made possible by these following ministries